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Author Topic: Polite Reminder!  (Read 5136 times)


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Polite Reminder!
« on: March 15, 2012, 09:29:06 PM »
Hi All

I'd like to issue a polite reminder to please keep our posts in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the forum. If you haven't read the rules, you will find them in the top section - please do read them through.

The forum is for general clay chit-chat, sharing our work and claying experiences etc. but it is not the place for sourcing products or recommending other suppliers for clay items. If you are looking for something specific for your claywork, you will need to google for it!

I truely believe this is the best way to keep our forum full of genuine, heartfelt content in what's become an overtly commercial "industry" these days. It also enables me to justify EJR Beads bearing the expense of running this place without the need for including other advertising or charging subscriptions. But if our posts here don't adhere to the guidelines, it makes my job so much harder when refusing membership to those people I know will only use this place to spam and "harvest" you all as a ready-made "customer base".

As we approach our first year anniversary, I think we can look at the forum and say that, on the whole, the policies in place are working. The content here is REAL - not aimed at pushing this product or that. All of you guys posting do so because you WANT to - not because you are trying to sell each other something. The place is dripping with friendliness and warmth thanks to you all.

So please help me to keep the forum primarily about sharing what we are making rather than what we are buying or wish to buy.

This reminder is a general response to several threads lately, so please don't anyone feel singled out in anyway - that is NOT my intention. I repeat, this message is not aimed at any one person, post or thread.  It really is just a friendly reminder as I try to keep the forum on, what I wholeheartedly believe is,  the right course  :)

Emma  :)

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