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Author Topic: Starting up a business  (Read 2222 times)


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Starting up a business
« on: January 23, 2012, 12:58:01 PM »
Hi all of you in here who sell your jewelry.

As most of you at some point when you started to think aobut selleing your jewelry, did you have some doubts about revealing your inner self, as I fell that is what I'm doing. I mean with clay it's you and your own work, design and skills.

I'm feeling a bit like a frauth, as I'm fairly new to claying, but on the other hand I feel that I'm quite critical about my stuff, and will only sell the best of the work, and have the opinion not to sell anything I wouldn't buy myself.

I'm also a bit about pricing as we have a sister site like Etsy, and some people selling in there are very skilled, making really nice and pricy stuff, others are selling like 3 wooden beads in different color on a string with a knot in the end.. and she sharge about 11,21.
I mean please check this (link removed) is equal to 11,21.

This is not to question other peoples skill or creativity, its only to show a price level.

I believe that I should ask 1st what I believe it's worth, but also compare prices and compare the work and effort going in to making the jewelry.

Is this how you are doing, or is it more like what you think yourself.

I'm in the procces of setting up my shop so it's not online yet, needs to gete my jewelry to the photographer, as I'm not able to make fairly pics with the camara I have..

But if anyone will pay for my jewelry, I will get myself a better camara, with some other stuff of course.

I also would like to have an opinion about, making my shop text in english as well, I mean is it possiple that anyone outside DK would see this.. I mean it's not like it would be anyone outside DK, to make a choice of searching for a danish site... Or do think I should do it just in case, as it's not a huge effort for me.


But please
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Re: Starting up a business
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 08:04:40 PM »
Hi Jinnie

I think posting that link may go against forum policy  :-\

You'll drive yourself nuts if you keep looking at other people's pricing  :o

I'm sure there's a thread somewhere on here about pricing your work - if not I think Emma may have one on her site  :-\


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Re: Starting up a business
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2012, 08:30:11 PM »
Hi Jinnie

Bev is right, we can't post links to other people's work here and discuss it, it wouldn't be ethical. Discussions on pricing etc really need to be kept to general conversations and not focus on any individual. You are welcome to post pictures of your own work and discuss individual prices, recommendations etc.

Have you seen my article on pricing? I wrote it because I get asked these types of question a LOT!

As for pricing - I really feel everyone has the right to charge what they like. If they get a sale, good luck to them  - that is my view.  I would rather see people charge what seems "a lot" for their work than see them under-value it and sell it for pennies.

It is very easy to see the price of something and assume it is overpriced. But you never know what that person's overheads are. Maybe they pay their mortgage with their sales and it isn't a hobby? Maybe they have a real-world shop and all expenses that incurs. Maybe they have marketed themselves really well and their product is very desirable as a brand? Their prices are their business really.

All you can do is to focus on your own prices really. Like I say in my article, you need prices that work. They must genuinely cover all your costs if they are to be real in a business sense. After that, its your own choice really. If you are making a good product, people will want it.

If you feel doubts, there is nothing wrong in waiting. Many times people rush into selling. Again, my article covers this.

As for feeling vulnerable and revealing yourself - well, I think we all think that. Every time I list stuff for sale, I think "will people like it? will they buy" - but you can only create for yourself and hope that your work find's it's true owner when the time is right.

If you worry too much about what everyone else is doing, or you only care about getting hundreds of sales - that will affect the quality of your work. It's better to just chill out - if you enjoyed making it, if it is WELL made, well that's a good starting point!

As for English text  - I have no idea. What does everyone else on that site do? Why not sell on Etsy too to reach English speaking customers?


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