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Author Topic: Help/advice on wedding table centrepieces!  (Read 2225 times)


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Help/advice on wedding table centrepieces!
« on: August 13, 2011, 10:40:09 AM »
I'm hoping someone out there may have some advice for me! My niece is getting married in January and has asked me if I can make her some table centrepieces! I have included a photo of the type of thing she's after. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get hold of some pre-cut perspex/acrylic sheets/tubes?! She's having a winter theme for her wedding and wanted dangly crystal pendant thingies to add a bit of sparkle to the tables. I think I'm going to have to make the centrepieces no higher than a foot or people won't be able to see each other across the tables! Another idea we had was making a white tree and hang crysals from the branches. I have some willow sticks hidden away somewhere so may experiment with those. I guess wire might be an option too but it's knowing how to cover it without it looking tacky. She's budgetted 20 per centrepiece and there are 10 tables. I'm also going to hunt for stamps and cutters to make little snowflakes from polymer clay.

I know how creative you all are so any advice and ideas at all would be brilliant!!

Thanks! Wendy :)

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