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Author Topic: Is there anybody there?  (Read 2578 times)


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Is there anybody there?
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:15:22 PM »
Hi. Are we all too busy to post? I haven't worked for a while, domestic events in the form of an ailing father in law have occupied our time. Thankfully we now have him settled in a good home where he is happy and enjoying his food which he hadn't bothered with for a while, it's no good living on soup. We still have much to do regarding clearing his home which he says we should sell or rent but we don't feel like becoming landlords so it will be sold. It's hard going through his things, all his memorabilia from happier times, his wedding photos his RAF photos, everything. It makes it harder that we are so far away three and a half hours or so, but he had good neighbors so they  will help where they can.
So, I hope to be able to get on with some clay pieces next month as we're off again in the next few days. Hope you are all well and happy wherever you are.