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Author Topic: Does old clay matter?  (Read 1464 times)


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Does old clay matter?
« on: March 04, 2016, 10:29:02 PM »
Hello. I am fairly new to this. I received a big package of fimo clay as a gift. I have been making small things and when I needed more black I bought a pack of sculpy. I found the sculpy to be sticky. So I just bought a multi color pack of fimo soft, and it is very hard... Harder than the original fimo I had. And when I try to role it the clay seems a bit brittle. Could it be that was an old package? Does the age of the clay matter? And what do you think is the easiest to work with. Thank you very much. Anne


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Re: Does old clay matter?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2016, 11:02:07 AM »
Older clay does become harder and more brittle over time. So saying unless it's been partially baked, it can be resurrected. It needs to be in a pliable condition to be used. You can mix newer clay into it which will make it softer, you can also use various products like quick mix, or liquid diluent to soften it. Some people use mineral oil. But I've found it doesn't work as well as the other options. If I have very old crumbly clay I use a dedicated mini food chopper with some sculpey liquid diluent, wizz it and collect the crumbs together and condition until usable.

There are also ways to leach the plasticisers out of the clay if the clay is wayyy too soft.

What clay you use is a personal preference and depends what you are making. Some are firmer than others and great for taking fine detail in caning, others are better for modelling. Some bake firmer than others and some are more brittle when baked (fine for solid pieces like beads, but not so good for fine detailed models with bits that stick out that might get broken).

Fimo soft should be soft, so you may have picked up an older pack. If it's unusable it might be partially baked and I'd take it back. It's worth experimenting with different brands of clay to see which you like the feel of and which you like the finish of when baked.

Have fun and don't forget to share picys of your creations!