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mouse knight clay over wood question

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thank you so much for the compliment! The parts not in clay of the mouse knight, i plan on covering in armor. Made from tin plated steel called Flashing, used by construction workers to put around chimney's and gutters around a house i think, one of my handy men friends pointed it out to me, and i thought i could use it to make some armor out of it since it would be easy to cut with tin snip scissors. I'm imagining armor all over it and armor going over the mouse tail when i get it made, maybe like the plates of a dragon?!? I'm not sure yet i haven't gotten there yet, i used a craftsmen wood carving tool which is alot like a dremel, i still have to make the arms and hands, i carved out a sword that i'll put metal flashing over as well, also the mouse knight will be holding a large shield perhaps in the style of a roman soldier, the large square shields they used. or perhaps a traditional shield with a crest from renaissance times that a knight would use back then. I'll post again when i've made some more progress.


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