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I've started on a figure, my first human being ever. I'm making a diorama of Envy Adams, from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, where she's singing black sheep up on stage. I've come to a point in my process where her mouth turned out looking more like Tim Curry's Frank n' Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show than Envy. I've already stumbled afew times, the clay i used i mixed with some white to lighten the skin tone, however the brand of transparent clay i mixed in with turned the beige skin tone yellow when i baked it. So i know i'm going to have to paint it with a light beige acrylic paint. I'm not going for perfection on this i learned long ago in the art world progress is more important. So i baked the bottom half and it came out yellow, the top half will do the same when i bake it to, there's no avoiding that i guess. My problem is the lips on her face. I'm contemplating pulling the clay off and starting over again, and yet i put so much work into getting those lips onto the face along with some tiny teeth, i'm at a what to do situation. Should i rip off the bandaid and start again or is there something i could do like laying more clay over the lips to give the shape i want. Here's some snapshots of my work.
she'll be holding a microphone in her hands wearing a white trench coat and black dress with platform shoes.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I got it! All i had to do was take a step back and watch some tv, not thinking about my miniature i flashed on the solution. I pulled off the lips on the face and redid them, i'm much more satisfied with my second attempt. Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two steps forward^_^

When I have to redo stuff, whatever it is, I find it takes about half as long and is about twice as good as the original. At least it all seems to come together so much more easily. Always worth doing. It puts your mind at rest about the work, and proves that your decision was right, all good affirming stuff ;-)

thanks jon b good:) you are so right, it came together just like i saw in my minds eye, felt way better about my work after i got back to it!


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