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Personality in Faces - Challenge!

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Mel and I are making faces with personality - as much personality as we can get into a face (or head).

Does anyone else want to join in?

We were talking about how you can add personality to a head (or face) with different eyebrows, a different shape to a nose, a different sized nose, a scar, thin lips or full lips, a snear, big ears, smaller ears, high or low cheekbones, big cheeks, flat cheeks, square jawed, pointy jaw... the possibilities are HUGE!

Go on, give it a go!

Great idea!

I wish l could sculpt....... ::)

Be a good opportunity to try, Carrie.  ;D  You never know how it might turn out.

Hmm - that is true......

Actually, at the moment l am completely distracted by a fantastic online (free) course l'm doing, called 'Genesis', taught by Christine Dumont.  I'm thinking about it all the time though not getting outside to the clay as much as l would like.

Better not watch this space!

Okay, Here's how far I've got with my "Head with Personality":


I've only marked in the cheek grooves, and he needs more delicate work on ears, lips, forehead and cheeks.  I think maybe the nose is okay though.

How are you doing, Mel?

Anyone else?


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