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I have been busy making these fairy houses. They are Fimo Soft covered glass jars. When I first made them the plan was to use them as tea light holders in my craft room (and they look great at night!) however we are in the process of sorting out our garden and I have decided I would like to make a little village. Because they are going outside is there a way I can make sure they don't get ruined by rain?

I am very new to polyclay so am not really sure about what I should use. I assume a varnish of some sort, I just don't want to put anything on them that will spoil/ruin them - can any of you help?


Hi Suzy,

I'm not sure you would even need to seal it, unless there are some sort of embellishment you need to protect.

I think polymer clay is fairly durable.  I'd have thought the highest risk would be bleaching by sunlight and I can't really see any polymer compatible finish will protect against that.  Polymer clay is already waterproof so you shouldn't need to worry about that.

Ginger from the Blue Bottle Tree wrote this blog:

Hope this is of help.

Yes. Millie is right as long as you havenīt used something like mica powders you donīt need to seal PC.
Any varnish that you put on is less durable than the caly so it is better not to.

And yes direct sunlight fades the colors but in the shade it will be fine. I made palques that has been hanging outside for years and we sometimes have temperature down to -30 c , no problem.

Thanks Ladies, one less thing to do which means I can make more houses!

Mille - Thanks for teh web link, it was really useful



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