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Turtle Mania!

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Thanks Mel.

And I meant to say that I agree with Carrie, the base needs to be thinner.  It's great how you've hollowed them out to make them lighter. 

Mel  :)

Well I hope these are improvements, 'cos they're baked and painted now.  Here's how the Box Head Turtle began:

Ugly, isn't he?

Well I changed his head a bit more to this:

Then I remodelled the other one's head too, and changed their flippers as well and added texture... this is what I have now:

Here are aerial views showing their backs:

So that's the metalled Turtles, now I just need one more coat of metal, then I can add patina.

Very nice... I like a lot!

Here they both are with patina and dyes, talking to each other:

Here's the 'BoxHead Turtle' from above:

And here's the 'SadTurtle' also from above:

They may change when I go over them with the sealant, I don't know...


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