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Pearl-Ex on Polymer Clay?

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No, not asking too many questions  :)

I thought though that your question was a general query rather than specific - so as you already have gum arabic and pearlex you might as well just go ahead and try it out - and let us know the result, both in the short and long term  8)

No - you're not asking too many questions. Carrie is just encouraging you to get stuck in because you have some great ideas - and sometimes the best way to learn is to just try it out and see what happens.

When you are trying new things  - remember you don't need to try out unknown ideas on important projects. Get into the habit of doing test tiles for some of the ideas.

This is just using a little bit of scrap clay to test out whatever idea you have, and you can work it and bake it alongside other things so you always have a little experiment on the go.

So you maybe should make a few test tiles with just some quickly made textures and additions, typical of the type of thing you are doing in your project. You can then bake these and use them to try out any ideas you have. Once you see how the idea works on the test tile, you can then go ahead and use the idea in a project if it is a success.

And if it is a failure, well you have still learned something useful, but not ruined an important piece that you've spent a long time on



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