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Bake N' Bond Or Glue?

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When you have a few baked pieces that you need to attach to another baked piece, do you use another piece of clay and/or bake n' bond or do you use glue?

If you donīt want to put it back into the oven then glue if you donīt mind baking it again then any liquid clay like the bake and bond will do the job.
The liquid clay bond is super strong.

I don't mind baking, I was thinking of adding a tiny fresh clay post as well as bake n' bond, so I can add the baked cogs in position on the baked pendant.

In that case, yes, Bake and Bond would be an excellent choice - it's tackier than other liquid clays.  But any will do the job.  No need to use more than a tiny bit - you don't want it oozing  :)

Yes I just got my BakeN'Bond today and I noticed that it's just like TLS - is there any difference?
(Apart from the TLS's 2 fl oz being 46ml and the BakeNBond's 2 fl oz being 59ml.)

When I tried using a drop of TLS to help fix one part to another before baking I did realise that the TLS is runnier than I expected. And looks more so in the bottle than the BnB.
But is there any technical working difference?


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