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Can I Bake on a Ceramic tile?

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I've been working on a few things on a ceramic tile - but some of the pieces are so thin that I cannot lift them from the tile without distorting them, so I wondered if I can just bake them still on the tile?

Oh golly yes.  (I assume your tile will fit into your oven!)  I do it if I need to bake something to a perfectly flat side.  You will get a shiny surface where the clay has been in contact with the tile, but that sands away if you don't want that.

monkey ann:
Hi Fran

You can bake on lots of things, so long as it is oven safe.  Sylvia is right about shiny bottoms.  Another time, if your piece is not already attached to the tile, a sheet of paper on the tile avoids shiny bottoms.


Thanks both,
I guess it would have been better if I'd cut a piece off a 'cookasheet' to fit on the tile, then I could more easily a) cook on it, or b) peal the sheet off the pendant...
Too late now.
Next time...

I bake stuff on tiles all the time. Sometimes i like the way it sticks to the tile because for flat items, it keeps them in shape and stops any warping. Just be sure to allow them to cool fully before removing from the tile



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