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Hi my name is Barour.

I am looking for classes or courses of sculpting with modelling materials, in london.

I am a beginner with this material and with the modelling technique...and i d like to know more about it..

Who are the finest artists who work with sculpey?  And what professional  creative job are out there for modelling artist?

Thank you

monkey ann:
Hi Barour

Welcome to the forum.

You should know there is a wide range of polymer clays available.  Sculpey is a brand name and comes in 3 types; Sculpey 3, Premo and a new one out Souffle.  Other brands are; Fimo, Kato, Cernit and Pardo

Emma prefers any type of advertising, including classes available, not to be shown where all can see.  This is to avoid the forum being overrun with ads.  I am sending you a private message with info that might help.


I think art schools are likely to lead you to a career in that direction, if you found one offering the sort of courses you are interested in.  A first step is a Foundation course - are you at school or college at the moment?


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