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Baking sculpey

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Hi, is it true that i can use sculpey by layers? I mean, can i bake a piece of sculpey and working on it with other sculpey and then put in the oven again?
I read about big sculpture build up using layers of sculpey...


You can but bake as many times as you want but if you want to make a sculputer just make an armuture from tin foil or just anything that can go in to the oven, saves lots of work and lots of clay. Also it saves weight.

Thanks Karolina,

I have no other choice...i am making a sculpture starting from the bones and adding muscles and flesh after....and i need a firm base of sculpey/bones...

Also the work it s not so small...then i thought that work with layers of baked sculpey was the right decision...

I read about a liquid that helps to stick the new sculpey on the one cooked...

Whos know anythings?

many thanks Karolina for your answer :)

Liquid clay of any brand will do the bonding for you.

It sounds lika a lot of work.

Why do you need bones? Are they going to be visable? Wire could otherwise substitute the clay bones.


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