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Title: Updated Membership Process
Post by: ejralph on July 24, 2018, 07:09:57 AM
Hi All

As time marches on, this forum - like so many others out there - has seen less and less activity as people move over to social media sites. Currently,  I will be keeping the Polyclay Forum up and online as I feel it has some great info here for clayers looking for answers! This may change in the future as I re-evaluate the cost/benefits ratio however.

But we do have an ever-increasing problem of fake sign-ups at the forum. I mean literally hundreds a day.

It is no longer possible for me to wade through these to find the handful of genuine clayers making bonafide applications. So

If you wish to join The Polyclay Forum as a member (post pictures, ask questions etc) then signing up will no longer work - your application to join will be automatically deleted. To join, you MUST email me at eralph (at) and ask to be set up as a member here.

To process your application, I will need evidence that you are real and have a genuine interest in polymer clay and crafts. So when you apply, show me some photos, link me to your facebook page etc so I have some way to know you're a genuine applicant.

I am sorry to have to enforce these new measures, but they are necessary to enable the forum to continue at all at this point.