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Title: New projects
Post by: Beadbug on April 02, 2017, 12:01:55 AM
Keep saying to myself that I'm doing enough and I shouldn't be taking on new projects. But I never listen to me so as a consequence a few weeks ago I bought myself a ukulele and I'm obsessed. People on various sites I've been on talked about how you become obsessed, I ignored that but they were right, I find it hard to ignore this little stringy box that sits beside me. I hope I'm being sensible, taking it gently so I don't make my hand too sore( especially my finger tips). I find I pick it up and strum some chords or pick some note exercises when the adds come on. I always said that I wanted to learn to play a musical instrument before I go to oblivion and I think I've found it! I can play two songs and know twelve chords, my daughter loves to sing along with Bob Marleys ' three little birds' and as she is autistic is fab to me. If you've ever wanted to learn an instrument the ukulele is the one to go for,really.
Title: Re: New projects
Post by: Carrie on April 02, 2017, 09:16:13 PM
It sounds as if you're getting on well....12 chords already!

We have a bass ukelele which has fat strings just like giant rubber bands, and through an amp sounds exactly like a double bass....when a friend played it, anyway  ;D  I won't try and learn it but hubby might persevere.  He sold his double bass but slightly regrets it, but not the pain in his fingers these days.....we both play guitar and I play bouzouki and there's nothing like being able to jam with a group of friends - do you think you'll do that?  With your daughter singing along to your playing you've got your own mini-session already  8)

I think they teach children to play ukeleles now, rather than recorders, don't they? 
Title: Re: New projects
Post by: Beadbug on April 03, 2017, 12:03:57 AM
Oh Carrie, you should try the ukulele( or ook as they seem to refer to it on YouTube,I think you'd love it. My daughter singing along was a brilliant surprise I can't express how wonderful it was to get such a connection as autism can be isolating. I'd love to jam with my friends band but I think I'm a long way off yet, I'm just trying some fingerpicking patterns right now and love it even though my fingers seem to trip over each other !My local music shop has said that when I'm ready for a concert size uke they'll have them all ready for me to try, I can't wait but I really have to as I'm still checking up on makes, I'm so glad to find musos on this forum! And yes they do teach the uke to kids, it's so easy to learn.
Title: Re: New projects
Post by: Carrie on April 03, 2017, 05:34:22 PM
I have no urge to practise even on the instruments I do play so a new instrument would be dooooomed ;D