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Title: Just to say Hello!
Post by: CarrieT22 on June 06, 2016, 09:02:48 AM
Hi all
Just to say hello to you all and a big thank you to Emma for accepting my registration.

What can I tell you about myself?  Well, obviously a clayer - something I discovered years ago when my kids were small and needed a variety of things to do and try to keep them occupied but this all came to a halt on going back into full time work and becoming a taxi driver in my spare time to the then not so little kids.  But now, having recently stopped work I can enjoy the luxury of doing the things I've missed out on whilst concentrating on all the family stuff.  I can clay, beadweave, garden and talk to my cats ALL DAY - it's wonderful!!

I live on Sunk Island in East Yorkshire (usually greeted with Sunk WHAT???) as it is little known, fortunately.  I listen to the endless birdsong and do battle with the also endless wind which seems to be a Sunk Island speciality and spend as much time as I can making and creating.  Maybe one day it would be nice to sell some of my creations but when do you know it is good enough to offer to people - I don't yet know.  Maybe I will find the answer to that in time from you guys with all your years of experience of creating wonderful things!

It would seem pretty much every topic out there has been covered on this forum so I'm sure I can learn such a lot from you all.  I'll try not to ask too many questions that have already been asked - but apologise now if I do.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone xx
Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: Karolina.S on June 06, 2016, 01:55:24 PM
Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: Carrie on June 06, 2016, 05:09:32 PM
Hello from one Carrie to another  :)

Have you read the rule that says you have to show us your cats?  ;D
Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: ejralph on June 06, 2016, 08:47:15 PM
Welcome to the forum Carrie!

I've never heard of Sunk Island either - I am so off to google that in a mo. I can sympathise with the wind issues though, my new garden seems to have stronger winds than Mars or something - everything I plant out in the garden is snapped to pieces by it, and then those pieces get eaten by the slugs...anyway, I digress

t'other Carrie is right - if you don't show your pets, it is quite frowned upon! So get snapping your clay work and cats as soon as you like!

(We don't want another Alpaca-Gate do we Mel?  :P :P :P)

Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: CarrieT22 on June 06, 2016, 09:07:19 PM
Ha ha - be an even better video of me chasing them around trying to get a picture! I'm sure cats know just when the shutter is going to click and instantly turn from being cute to scowling or even better, flashing a retreating backside at the camera.  I'll do my best though.  So, not just fellow clay freaks but also fellow cat freaks too!  This must be the best forum ever  :D

Cats aside - thank you so much for your warm welcome - being the new kid can be rather daunting - so thank you for making it easy x

I've been looking at the links to the works of some members - you have some beautiful and highly professional creations out there so I'm a little in awe at present (and will probably remain that way!).  Hope to chat more and get to know a little more about you all over time.

Hang on for the cat pics - got to find the little monkeys first though.

Thanks again x
Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: ejralph on June 09, 2016, 11:49:18 AM
Well I like to think it is the best forum ever  ;D ;D

We do have some incredibly talented members here - but do not let that faze you.

As I always point out - polymer clay is a REALLY vast arena and I have yet to meet anyone who can do it all. So all of us will be complete newbies at some area or other.

I could post some work that would look really fab - if I were showing the stuff I have been making for years and perfected it. But if I were to post my attempts at a technique that is new to me, well it would look exactly as it was, complete beginner work.

The point is, none of us care - we just enjoy seeing whatever it is everone is making and knowing they are having fun making it.

For newbies that WANT helpful pointers about there work, they are welcome to ask for constructive criticisms and some people like this to help them grow. But generally people don't look at your work with that sort of critical eye here unless you ask them to. We just enjoy seeing what is made.

There are monthly showcase threads here to show off your work which you can just post freely to. These threads are closed to new posts after the month is up, but do stay there in full view.

If you have something you want to show and you don't want the discussion ending after the month, it is better to start a new thread. This might be because you are asking people for specific feedback and don't want a fragmented conversation or just because it is something fab and you want the glory to yourself for a long while!

Either way is a great way to show your work so just dive in!

Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: CarrieT22 on June 09, 2016, 07:06:54 PM
I'll bare that in mind - honest and constructive criticism sound good.  Its so hard to really 'see' and evaluate your own work - every little mistake smacks in the face!! But at least then I can think doh, stupid - you wont be doing that next time (just find something else to mess upon ha,ha).

So, come July then - I'll make an 'offering'!  Fun and educational at the same time - sound perfect.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Title: Re: Just to say Hello!
Post by: ejralph on June 10, 2016, 12:43:55 PM
Well just feel free to show your work in any capacity you feel fit.

Personally I've never asked for criticims on my work as I am far too fragile an ego to handle the truth  ;D Others I know thrive on it and love nothing more than having their work critically analysed,

As for any pet photos, well we'll all have opinions on those whether you like it or not. But they'll undoubtedly be favourable!