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Title: Applying for Membership to The Polyclay Forum - READ THIS, its important stuff!
Post by: ejralph on April 17, 2011, 06:13:13 PM
This forum is free for all to read. However, if you wish to post (and I very much hope you will!) you will need to register to become a member. Your application will then need to be approved by me before you can start posting. This is NOT about vetting how "good" a clayer or member you will be.  It's just about checking that you exist and are real! I don't care if you've never clayed in your life or you just have a mild interest. I don't care if you only ever want to read the forum or ask a few questions. It doesn't matter if you don't feel you have "anything to add" - because just by being here and being interested in clay, that's contribution enough. Its all cool. What I care about is that you are not an automated sign-up spam bot trying to get onto the forum to mess it up!

So, sometimesmetimes it is very easy to work out who you are. I might know you from other forums, or easily be able to find you online and see you are a genuine clayer. Or maybe I know you as a customer at EJR Beads? But sometimes, it isn't so easy. So in order to ascertain if you are real - you may well receive an email from me just asking for a few details.

If you have applied to join the forum and have not had your membership activated within 24 hours, I may be having trouble verifying you as a genuine clayer! So,  please check your inbox (and spam folder) for my email and reply.

Please understand we get MANY MANY spambots trying to sign up bogus identities to the forum each day. For example today I had 48 alone! Only 2 of these were genuine people, but I have to go through each application to sort the wheat from the chaff, so please HELP ME to do this.

 If you've applied for membership, you don't need to wait for an email from me to verify you.  Just drop me an email to eralph(at!) and tell me who you are, your selected username and a little of your polymer clay history. It will speed things up for us both. Or message me through facebook - you can find the Polyclay Forum or the EJR Beads page easily. Let me know you've applied to join the forum and I can rush your membership through.

And remember, this is not snobbery - the membership is vetted because without it, this place would a chaotic mess of spam!

Emma  :D
Title: Re: Applying for Membership to The Polyclay Forum
Post by: ejralph on September 09, 2011, 08:01:42 AM
I'd just like to make a quick post to anyone currently applying for membership to the forum, or thinking of doing so.

If you receive an email from me asking who you are - it is only to check you are a real human with a genuine interest in clay and not a spammer or automated script!

PLEASE just drop me a quick reply - a sentence or two about if you have used clay before or what brought you to it.

It's not about vetting your clay skills or seeing if you are "good enough" to join the forum. If you are real, are not here to spam us and just have a genuine interest in polymer clay - you're very welcome!

The emails I sometimes send potential applicants are simply to check that you ARE a genuine person - and if I cannot find evidence online that you are real (eg a flickr account with your claywork or your website, etsy store or whatever) - I won't know unless I ask. There is no need to get either offended by my email, or to feel in any way intimidated. 

Emma  :)